by Sharon Wee

If you know anything about me you would know that I absolutely love dogs. Chances are if you were walking towards me with a dog, I’d be more inclined to say hi to the dog first 🙂

This month with Valentines Day and Chinese New Year (2018 is the year of the dog!) happening at the same time, I thought it was the perfect timing to create a dog themed tutorial.

So here he is, an adorable dog cake topper. You can adapt this topper to a range of dog breeds by just changing the colouring and/or the face a little (maybe add pointy ears or droopy ears). I created the whole topper on a little 4 inch cake board so that it can easily be placed and removed from a cake – making it the perfect keepsake 🙂

You can make this project ahead of time (weeks ahead even!) and then just place it on your cake when you are ready. Simply store it in a cool, dry place and in a breathable box (like a cardboard box). Do not place it inside an airtight container or it will start melting and getting sticky.

Scroll past the video for a list of all the tools and materials I have used in this project. Or if you prefer a printable version, you can download the checklist here.

Adorable Puppy Cake Topper Checklist 

Download a printable version here. 

Tools and Materials

I choose my dusts based on the colour and not the brand, so you can use any brand.

  • Light grey (CK Products)
  • Teal (Crystal Colors)
  • Baby pink (Crystal Colors)

Modelling Paste and Fondant
I used modelling paste for the main figurine because it gave me a little more time to rearrange the parts without drying out or cracking. You can also use gum paste or add some CMC/Tylose to fondant. Where ‘fondant’ is listed it is possible (but not necessary) to also use modelling paste or gum paste.

  • White Modelling Paste (Saracino modelling paste was used) – approx. 65g:

    Head – 20g
    Body – 25g
    Front legs – 2g each
    Back legs – 1.5g each
    Ears and tail – 1g each

  • Dark teal fondant (collar) – 2g
  • Black (eyes and nose) – very small amount
  • Light teal fondant (bed) – 100g
  • Red fondant – very small amount
  • Light orange fondant (carpet) – 50g
  • Dark orange fondant (carpet) – 50g

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and as usual, don’t forget to share your work with me. I love seeing it!

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