by Sharon Wee
If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ll know the lovely Miso Bakes has been staying with us recently. She’s been enjoying the food of Sydney and we’ve been enjoying so many of her home made yummy desserts. She has been kind enough to share four of her beautiful cakes and the ideas that inspired them.

Most of my inspiration for cakes comes from an outside source – whether it may be fashion, furniture, architecture, eras, etc. For this particular collection, I thought it would be fun and different to design cakes inspired by the ingredients I commonly use in my cakes and buttercream.

Inspiration: Vanilla Bean

I personally find that there is an elegant, luxurious and exotic element to vanilla beans. Vanilla beans are actually a fruit of the planifolia and tahitensis orchid plants, hence the reason why white vanilla bean blossoms look like orchids. The beans are considered the third most expensive spice in the world following saffron and cardamom; however, I have seen a few lists listing them as second most expensive.

Vanilla InspirationBecause many associate vanilla with white or a subtle off-white (perhaps due to its flower), I kept the cake clean by using these colours. I replaced the vanilla bean blossoms with Phalaenopsis (moth) orchids as they are more popularly used in weddings and more familiar to the public.

Vanilla Inspiration

Inspiration: Chocolate and Pistachios

The deep, earthy browns of semi-sweet chocolate and vibrant greens of pistachio reminded me of a rustic forest one would find in a children’s fairytale book. Inspired by those colours, I designed this cake with Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and Goldilocks in mind.

Earth inspiration

Earth inspiration

Inspiration: Toasted Black and White Sesame Seeds

When toasted, white sesame seeds turn a subtle shade of gold. The colour combination of black and gold sparked a desire to create a cake with an Old Hollywood and Parisian Glamour feel. Additionally, in some cultures, sesame seeds represent longevity and abundance therefore, I thought it would be completely appropriate to add tons of jewels and pearls.

Glamour inspirationGlamour inspiration

Inspiration: Roses and Citrus

When used subtly, rose flavoured desserts can actually be delightful. The perfume left on the palate is quite pleasing on a summer day. When using rose, I like to add a bit of citrus zest so that the perfume isn’t overwhelming and heavy. Inspired by shades of citrus and various roses, I recreated my most popular striped cake. Mmm, this cake reminds me of a rainbow sherbet. Perhaps I will get some as it sounds fitting for a warm California summer day.

Rose and Citrus InspirationRose and Citrus Inspiration

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