by Sharon Wee

Some of you may know Liz Wright, if you don’t she runs the Australian Cake Decorating Network (ACDN) along with her team. From time to time we ask someone in the cake community to track what they do for a week just so we can all get some insight into how other people fit their cakes in and around the rest of their life. Liz was kind enough to contribute for us when we asked, and now we’re finally getting around to posting it 🙂

Here’s my wrapup of a ‘week in the life’ of me! I wrote this as I went throughout the day so I didn’t forget what I did each day, as some days I have the memory capacity of a goldfish!

I have 3 young children: Lucas, Isaac and Sam.
Lucas and Isaac are twins (2 years old) and Sam is 9 months old. I run the ACDN in and around them with the help of my fabulous team; Kellie, Marianna, Rolaine and Kirsty.


This morning all 3 kids slept til 8 so I had a sleep in. What a luxury!
Feed baby (Sam) and get breakfast for the twins
It’s freezing here in Canberra so I light the fire
Unpack the dishwasher and pack it again. The boys like to watch cartoons for a while in the morning which means I can get some housework done
Feed Sam his breakfast
Put a load of washing on
Fire has gone out, damn it! Relight it.
Make jelly with the twins
Twins watch play school and I sit down and have a hot cup of tea. Thankyou Play School!
Put Sam to bed, hang out the washing and put another load on
Turn the TV off, sit down and make a train track with twins.
Check fire, it’s still alight. Woohoo! Put another log on.
Leave the boys to play while I make desserts for Sam’s Christening next weekend. Trying not to leave everything til the last minute so will pop these in the freezer.
Finish the desserts in between breaking up the boys from fighting… “your brother is not a horse, get off him!”
Sam wakes up
Sam sits in his high chair eating lunch while the twins and I do some more baking
Of course they fight over who gets to lick the spoon. Luckily there are two beaters!
Feed the twins lunch, then we play cars and I read them some books
Twins go to bed with a little protest, but I am not ready for them to drop that sleep yet!
Quickly put a batch of choc brownies in the oven
Feed Sam and put him back to bed
I sit down and have last nights spag bol leftovers for lunch
Work time. I know I have around 2 hours before Sam wakes up and 2-3 before the twins wake up. I try to fit a days worth of work into these 3 hours so work at a frenetic pace to get everything done.
ACDN emails, locked in a very special decorator for cake crawl Melbourne (Wee are very excited that you’re coming Sharon! And no, the Wee joke never gets old!)
45 emails to get through today!
Set up event for live tutorial with Sharon next week, for our ACDN members.
Check Joomag views of Autumn issue of Cake! magazine- 17,575 in one week!
Add Cake Bitz as our QLD Cake Camp sponsor to website and FB promo
Some more boring admin- paying insurance bills, website maintenance, working on a mailout, etc
Sam wakes up!
Sam plays on the floor while I brainstorm ideas for an upcoming event with the other girls in the ACDN team via FB. Very exciting!
Forget about the washing in the machine from this morning! (I did mention the goldfish memory at the start). Not enough time for it to dry outside before dark now so I hang it out in front of the fire
My husband, Alex, arrives home from work and he bathes the boys while I cook dinner
We all sit down and have dinner together, and jelly for dessert!
Put the boys to bed
Member Monday- I post the winners of ACDN choice and People’s Choice and a few of my favourites for the week
9:30, decide to have an early night only to be woken up at 10:30 by our dog who doesn’t like the fact that the neighbour’s cat is in our front yard. If it’s not the kids, it’s the dog!
11:30 get back to sleep
Sam wakes up a couple of times overnight.

My day starts at 6am with my gorgeous little alarm clock, Sam!
Feed Sam then play with him on the floor for an hour or so
Boys wake up just after 7 and we all have breakfast
Sam is ready to go back to bed, put him to bed and I go have a quick shower while the boys watch cartoons
Get the twins ready to go out. Pack some snacks, nappies, hats etc ready to go.
Sam wakes up

TuesdayTake the boys to the zoo for the morning. We have a yearly membership at the Canberra zoo and go at least once a month, the best $100 membership I’ve spent! The boys absolutely love it and it’s a nice morning out (and a good workout pushing a pram with 3 kids in it up the hilly paths!

TuesdayWe drive home and because it’s near the twins’ sleep time they start to fall asleep in the car. I spend the drive home singing songs and entertaining them so they don’t fall asleep on the way home. If they sleep in the car, they won’t sleep when we get home, and that means I won’t get any work done today!
Put boys to bed
Sam plays on the floor while I pack the dishwasher and put on a load of washing
Feed Sam and put him to bed
Have some lunch
Ok 2 hours to get some work done…
Emails, invoices, schedule in Facebook posts and work on QLD Cake Camp details.
Boys wake up
Hang out the washing
We go to the supermarket to pick up some things for dinner. Going to the shops with 3 kids reminds me of why I usually shop online!
Get home and feed Sam
Alex gets home from work and we do the same nightly routine: bath boys, dinner, read books then bed.
I spend the evening doing website maintenance
Bed at 11:30
Sam only wakes up once overnight.


I wake up at 6:30 to the twins giggling and throwing teddies to each other between their cots, Sam is also awake but just lying in his cot happily.
We all have breakfast and then drop the twins at daycare. I get to spend the day with just Sam! (and a lot of work to do)
Come home, feed Sam and put him to bed
Start work:
Emails, FB, working on next issue of Cake! magazine, arranged the next live tutorial for ACDN members.
Sam wakes
Feed Sam and have lunch
Put on a load of washing
Pack the dishwasher
Make some more desserts for Sam’s Christening next weekend
Play with Sam
Get some more emails done while Sam is playing on the floor
Hang out washing and put another load on
Feed Sam and put him to bed
Book flights for decorators and ACDN staff for Brisbane Cake Camp
Schedule in some FB posts
Work on artwork for ACDN website
Sam wakes up
Hang out washing
Start to prepare dinner
Alex picks up the boys from daycare
As usual, the boys are very tired and cranky when they get home from daycare, so I try to have dinner ready for when they arrive home so they can go to bed early!
Dinner, bath and bed for all 3 boys.
Reply to ACDN emails, some other admin including checking payments in PayPal for Cake Camp, bookkeeping and writing some invoices.
Bed at 11:15pm
Sam wakes up a couple of times overnight.

All the boys wake at 6:30
We have breakfast, watch some cartoons and then the twins play ‘trains’ in the lounge room with an old cardboard box as the ‘engine’ and their lounge as the ‘carriage’. (complete with teddies for passengers! I love watching their imaginations develop, this is such a fun age!)

ThursdayGo to music group for the morning.
Come home, feed and put all 3 boys to bed.
Unpack and pack the dishwasher
Bring in yesterday’s washing
Quickly have some lunch then start work:
Write some emails, do some planing for future ACDN events. Plan our upcoming Facebook page giveaway
List my husband’s car for sale on the trading post and do the shopping online
When the boys wake up we go to Bunnings

Dinner, bath and bed for the boys
Fold the washing
Unpack and pack the dishwasher
Work on the next issue of Cake! magazine
9:30pm Go to bed early!


FridayPut on a load of washing
Pack the dishwasher
Take car to the smash repairers to get a quote to fix the damage in the door (which I may or not have done…)
Sam sleeps in the car and the boys watch a dvd in the car while the quote is being done
On the way home we drive past the train station and decide to stop in to watch the next train arrive. The boys are train MAD!
Go home, lunch for the boys
Put twins to bed
Sam sits on the floor and plays while I have lunch
Work on getting the Autumn issue of Cake! magazine ready to be made available for print and download
Sit on the floor and play with Sam
Feed Sam and put him to bed and continue working on the mag for another 1.5 hours
Hang out the washing which is still in the machine (again, the goldfish memory!)
Alex arrives home from work and we order pizza. Thank goodness for Pizza-night Friday!
I pick up my parents from the airport, they’ve just arrived home from a holiday.
My parents stay the night and we have a couple of glasses of wine and look at their holiday photos.


SaturdayNo work today!
My brother comes over in the morning and helps me set up my new laptop
While we are busy Isaac decides to colour in the wall with a black crayon! I throw all the crayons in the bin and clean the wall. Not happy!
Have lunch with my parents, brother and his girlfriend.
In the afternoon I do some more work on getting the PDF version of the magazine ready for sale tomorrow.
(ok so maybe a little work on my day off!)
Decide to catch the train to Bungendore (a small country town about 40 minutes away) tomorrow for lunch with the boys. Although the boys love trains they have never actually been on a train. Get online to book the tickets.
Dinner, bath and bed for the boys
We put a movie on and I half watch the movie, half sit on my laptop working on getting the ACDN online shop ready to launch in the next few weeks!


SundayHave a sleep in thanks to my wonderful husband. Definitely one benefit of him starting work each day at 5:30am is that he can’t sleep past about 5, so I get lots of sleep-ins on the weekends!
Post this week’s blog post.
Announce on FB that the print and download copy of Cake! magazine is now for sale
Go to the train station to catch the train!
Have lunch and do a bit of shopping then catch the train back to Canberra.
In the afternoon the boys play outside in the sandpit and help Dad in the shed while Sam plays inside and I do some housework
Sunday night I watch TV before going to bed at 10, ready for another busy week!


Liz Wright
Australian Cake Decorating Network
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